Our solution

Face-driven biometric authentication


Progeny delivers advanced face Id technology that helps protect your data assets and acts as the second layer in Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Our solution provides an intuitive and ultra-secure authentication process enabled by a state-of-the-art facial recognition system with advanced technologies for passive liveness detection.

The key to preventing biometric spoofing is our liveness check—this ensures that the person in the image is alive and captured in realistic settings and lighting, as opposed to a fake representation. A simple glance at the camera is sufficient for authentication.

API first

Our API strategy ensures businesses looking to work with Progeny can integrate with us quickly and smoothly, without service disruption and having to deal with the complexities inherent in other solutions, such as SDKs.

The service is made available as a RESTful API. It's frictionless to use, available for web and mobile integrations, runs on any device with a camera, is highly secure, and fully compliant with GDPR.

Advanced technologies

We use a combination of facial identification technologies—amongst them a unique, PCT patent-pending method, for passive liveness detection. Through these technologies, we are well positioned to work with businesses, across a variety of sectors, to prevent fraud and ensure the integrity of facial biometrics as a means of authentication.

Basic process

Not depicted in this illustration is liveness detection, which ensures the person is a real, live human being looking at the camera.

Security safeguards

Progeny only stores a universally unique identifier (UUID) and the associated facial fingerprinta mathematical representation of a face in binary form. The UUID provides a secure means for account retrieval. The fingerprint is encrypted and protected with a key only available to Progeny.

No images, such as profile photos are stored. Facial fingerprints can be deleted at any time in accordance with GDPR.

Rebuilding a face from the binary form is close to impossible, even in the event of a breach or loss of the key. We match against reflections, distortions, shearlets, etc. in an end-user's face, using sophisticated anti-spoofing neural networks.

Strong Customer Authentication

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is an EU-wide measure to combat fraud in (online) payments. It obliges companies to implement even stricter authentication procedures in their payment processes, requiring a two-factor authentication using two of the following security components:

Each of these components must be independent of each other so that the security of the others is not compromised in the event of a security breach. Our face-driven biometric authentication solution, in combination with a PIN code, can be used as SCA measure in payments.

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