API reference


Biometric authentication

This Progeny RESTful API https://api.progeny.tech/api/v1/uses the HTTP POST method to create and update resources in our database. Our API endpoint enables you to perform several common tasks in the biometric authentication process, including:

  • Registering new users - create a new user in our database

  • Authorizing images against a registered user - store a registered user's facial fingerprint (Progeny Id) after a successful liveness check

  • Comparing and matching additional images against a reference facial fingerprint - ensure not only liveness but also biometric likeness

  • Liveness check - perform a standalone liveness check, including age verification

Document verification

The Progeny RESTful API https://kyc.progeny.tech/api/ocruses the HTTP POST method to send a scanned image of an ID or password and return a JSON object containing the extracted text.