API reference


This Progeny RESTful API https://be.progeny.tech/api/v3/uses the HTTP POST and GET methods to create and update resources in our database.

Our API endpoint enables you to perform several common tasks in the biometric and document authentication processes, including:

  • Registering image of a face - register a user's face in our database and return a token.

  • Authenticate images against a registered token/uuid - after a successful liveness check, uses token returned from register api to to determine if upload image matches the image associated with that id or not.

  • Comparing and matching additional images against a reference facial fingerprint - ensure not only liveness but also biometric likeness

  • Liveness check - perform a standalone liveness check, including age verification

  • Know Your Customer - send a scanned image of an ID or password and return a JSON object containing the extracted text

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