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Allows you to connect to the Liveness service, using the provider configured in the Progeny Console, to register a face image in database.

If the image passes the liveness check, the result is a UUID.

If the image does not contain a face, only contains a partial face, or if the quality of the image is too low, we will return an error code, for example FACE_TOO_SMALL . See our image requirements above for more information.

Please refer to the section on images for guidance before posting. For the best results, we recommend a maximum height of 1080px.

Sample request and response

Get a task Id

POST https://be.progeny.tech/api/v3/services/register_face

Request Body

    "id": "58bf8a18-b10b-409d-91d6-fdd358408dff"


GET https://be.progeny.tech/api/v3/services/task/?id={{task_id}}

Path Parameters

    "id": 2170,
    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "result": {
        "status": 200,
        "data": {
            "uuid": "d3da2b7a-b062-11ec-b3b9-0242ac190002"

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